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Soo Asset Recapitalization Project

When settlement of the Northwest Territory in the late-1700s and early 1800s brought increased trade, it became necessary to unload large boats, haul cargoes in wagons and reload in other boats when traveling Northwest of Lakes Michigan and Huron. In 1852, Congress appropriated 750,000 acres of public land for construction of locks that [...]

CHA Frances Cabrini Rowhouses

When Friedler Construction needed a contractor to perform all of the HVAC work on 146 public housing residential units in 2009, the company turned to Northwoods Mechanical. Northwoods installed new furnaces, complete with central a/c and ductwork in each of the units for the Chicago Housing Authority project, which spanned some 17 separate [...]

Uno Veterans Memorial Charter School Campus

The United Neighborhood Organization (UNO), Chicago’s largest Latino community group, recently was awarded a $98 million grant to build eight new schools, believed to be the largest charter school appropriation to any community-based organization in United States history. Presently serving 3,450 students, 91 percent of whom are Hispanic, UNO will educate more than 8,000 students [...]

CHA Dearborn Homes

The Chicago Housing Authority is one of the largest owners of rental property in America, providing homes to more than 50,000 families and individuals. In 2000, the CHA announced its “Plan for Transformation,” the largest and most ambitious redevelopment effort of public housing in the history of the United States. Part of the plan included [...]