At Northwoods Inc., we’re proud of the partnerships we’ve built with our clients. Whether they are installing or renovating steam and hot water heating systems, chilled water cooling systems, or rooftop units, or looking for a complete design engineering solution for their mechanical systems, our clients know they can count on Northwoods.

  • Blinderman Construction Company, Inc.
  • Burling Builders, Inc.
  • Friedler Construction Company
  • Michuda Construction, Inc.
  • K.R. Miller Contractors, Inc.
  • F. H. Paschen, S.N. Nielsen and Assoc. LLC
  • Patrick Engineering, Inc.
  • George Sollitt Construction Company

“It was a fairly sizable project. We appreciated [Northwoods’] attention to detail and their willingness to be partners and make the project come through. We needed them to perform at a high level, and they really did. No project gets done without obstacles along the way. Their willingness to come up with solutions and willingness to put forth whatever it took to resolve a problem was integral.”

Mark Michuda, Michuda Construction, Co.